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Sex: Female

ID Number: 6276

Breed: Shepherd / Mixed (medium coat)

Age: 6 Months (Birthdate: 12/18/2021)

Size: 27.6 lbs. (Large)

Other: Spayed, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Housetrained: Yes

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

New People: Friendly

Dog Friendly: Yes

Adoption Fee: $250

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Learn More About Shirley

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Name: Shirley
Size: (Once fully grown) ~ Large range: 61-100 lbs 
Adoption Donation:  $250 (applicable sales tax included).  Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other:   Spayed Female, Vaccinations current, Microchip, NO apartments 

Shirley has recently recovered from Parvovirus. Although there are no long-term issues for Shirley, she is still shedding the virus. This means that her new home must have dogs that are 2+ years old with a solid vaccination history or no other dogs at this time, and she cannot be exposed to other puppies for 6 months. Caution should be taken with exposing Shirley to adult healthy dogs too, but the risk of a vaccinated adult healthy dog contracting Parvo is very minimal. Shirley will not be able to visit dog parks, pet stores, training facilities, or any other public areas that dogs frequent for three months, as she may leave the virus behind, and puppies or unvaccinated adult dogs would be at risk.  


Shirley is a sweet, snuggly girl looking for all of the love and treats in her forever home!


Foster Home Feedback 

** Not apartment friendly! 

6/19/2022 Foster Feedback: Oh, Shirley…what can I say about this amazing gem of a little four-legged creature…
In the past few months, while I have happily hosted miss Shirley in my home, she has completely and utterly endeared herself to my heart. Whoever gets to love this girl forever is going to be beyond lucky. I have watched her go from a small, sickly puppy who fought tooth and nail to survive parvo to the beautiful, goofy, and growing adolescent she is today.
First things first, in Shirley 101…she is far from perfect. I don’t want to sugarcoat anything. She is as big of a stinker as they come at this age. She loves to chew on things that she shouldn’t, she will sometimes bark in her kennel (loudly) demanding to get out, she jumps, she plays rough, she puts her puppy teeth where they shouldn’t be, she occasionally likes to sample the dog poop in the backyard, and sometimes she forgets that those big ears of hers are for listening and ignores you. She is only 6 months old, so many of this is on track for that developmental stage of her life, but I can’t imagine her growing up to be an adult dog with zero naughty quirks. If these things make you leery, she likely isn’t the dog for you. But, goodness…all of the good things make up for these tenfold. If you want to hear those, read on…
Now, in the second lesson of Shirley 101, you need to know that this girl is Miss Personality. I have never met a dog with so much character and spunk. It just causes you to fall in love with her instantly. In this house she is known under many nicknames including (but not limited to) Goofball, Goober, Dweeb, Crazy Pants, Miss Ma'am, ‘Shirley don’t you dare swallow that’, and Sweetheart. I’m sure those can help you gather some of the depth of her personality and that doesn’t even begin to cover it. She is so insanely silly and can make you laugh all day long. Her antics, the way she pounces on her toys with those long gangly legs of hers, the funny expressions she makes (that leave you to wonder if maybe she understands what you are saying…or that there aren’t as many lightbulbs on up there as there should be), and those antenna for ears cumulate to create a comedy queen. Shirley also has a flair for the dramatic and could have been a method actor in a previous life. It is a good thing that as humans we are aware that the trimming of nails is not the same as chopping off limbs, which she would like you to believe. And, in the moments of absence of her funny and dramatic sides, comes this sweet as pie little puppy who loves to snuggle and is so full of love for everyone around her. The joy she has when you get home from work or call her up on the couch for cuddles and kisses after a long day is absolutely tangible.
Wow, already on to lesson three in Shirley 101! Let’s see how the answers of your run-of-the-mill questions when looking for a dog stack up…
Potty Trained?…Check! She is very good about going to the door and scratching to go outside. Any accidents lately have been human error.
Kennel Trained?…Check! While she may bark sometimes at first, she has gotten very good about hanging out in it when she needs to. She sleeps in a kennel beside my bed at night without a peep and often accompanies me to work where she kennels under my desk quietly. When I’m gone at work and leave her at home, she is also kenneled and this is when she may bark at first, but she quickly quiets down and goes to sleep.
Dog Friendly?…Check! Loves other dogs!! She has met dogs of many shapes and sizes and has gotten along with all of them. She loves to play hard and can come on a little strong at first, so if you have a less tolerant dog then keep note of that. I think she would really benefit from having a doggy sibling.
Stranger Friendly?…Check! Loves everyone!
Kid Friendly?…Check! Loves kids! She can be mouthy and jumpy, so she may not be the best fit for really young kids, but if she has the right management I think she would do good.
Walks Nice On the Leash?…Check! She loves to go on walks, hikes, and any number of adventures. She’s very good about walking on leash with her harness or just a collar.
Rides Good In the Car?…Check! Great in the car! We often make longer road trips to my camper or parents' house and she always does great!
Good in Public?…Check! Yes! I’ve been working hard with her on her public exposure and she has just been an absolute champ!
Knows her Basic Cues?…Check! Yep! She’s got sit, lie down, stay, and drop it in her repertoire! She’s very food motivated and higher drive so she would be very fun to train.

All in all, this girl is absolutely amazing and will make the BEST companion for the lucky family or person who adopts her, despite the typical puppy naughtiness. I could go on and on, writing a novel about the stories I have of her so I should cut myself off here. Take a chance on meeting this silly, dramatic, and sweet little puppy. You won’t regret it!

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