Sex: Female

ID Number: 6305

Breed: Husky / Mixed (medium coat)

Age: 2 Years 2 Months (Birthdate: 9/28/2021)

Size: 66.0 lbs. (Large)

Other: Spayed, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

New People: Friendly

Dog Friendly: Yes

Cat Friendly: No

Adoption Fee: $75

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Name: Sable
Size: Large range: 61-100 lbs 
Adoption Donation: $75 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.
Other: Spayed Female, Vaccinations current, Microchip, NOT Cat-friendly, Older/considerate children only

** Sable has been diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. The vet does not believe any surgical intervention is necessary that this point and they could improve as she matures. It is recommended that she be kept at a healthy weight and that she be on a joint supplement.

** Sable is on a daily medication for anxiety. The cost is about $45 per month

** Sable is on medication for urinary incontinence. It is well controlled with her meds. The cost is about $56 per month.

Sable is a silly girl looking for her forever family to teach her new tricks and make time to play with her!


Foster Home Feedback 

      NOT Cat-friendly, Older/considerate children only

04/22/2023 Foster Feedback: I have been fostering Sable since October, and she has grown up so much in that time! 
My favorite things about Sable:
• She is SO SMART!! - I have fostered several dogs and have three of my own, and Sable outwits all of them. She loves to work on puzzles and practice her commands for cheese and hot dogs. She’s very eager to learn and please her people!
• She’s hilarious - this is hard to explain until you spend time with Sable, but she has a personality equivalent to a clown. She is always making me laugh and just being goofy and making silly faces. There has never been a dull moment since she started staying with me. 
• She can be very sweet - when Sable gets to know her people, she always greets them with excitement and pure joy. Every night before we go to sleep, she needs “Sable Snuggles,” which include lots of kisses and face massages. If she doesn’t get enough kisses, she will continue to nuzzle up to my face until she is content and ready for bed. 
• She’s loyal and protective - Sable follows me around the house like a shadow, wanting to be part of everything I do. This includes laundry, trips to the bathroom, and peeking her head into the shower every few minutes to check in on me. 

She does have a lot of energy, but as she matures, she’s become much more manageable. When she gets enough mental and physical exercise, she’s the same as any high-energy dog. She’s an escape artist, so it took some time to get her crate “Sable-proof,” but since doing that, she has been great! Sable *can* be reactive, but not all the time. I still haven’t quite figured out why seeing some people/dogs makes her bark at first and why others she completely ignores. She is working on this, and with consistent training, I don’t see this being an issue for her.
Sable loves to play and would play all day if she could! She would do great with another dog who can match this energy. I also think she’d do perfectly fine as an only dog because she loves to be the center of attention. Sable just needs an adopter who will be a little extra patient with her and take time each day for mental and physical exercise. She has SO much potential to be the PERFECT dog. If it weren’t for having three other dogs, I’d keep her all to myself!

8/11/2022 Volunteer Feedback: How is this wonderful girl not yet adopted?! Sable is a shelter favorite and for good reason! This beautiful, eyeliner donning girl has an energetic, affectionate, intelligent, and hilarious personality. She enjoys car rides, swimming, thrashing around with plush squeaky toys, and lounging in the shade. On a leash, she walks nicely (even when tempted to chase grasshoppers, butterflies, or rabbits!) and once she spots a cool, shaded spot under a tree, she happily sits to observe the environment around her. She greets humans with nuzzles and a wagging tail and is giving kisses after just minutes of being together! She is a playful pup who has good canine social skills, so she would have little to no problems with a resident dog. Sable has a pretty reliable recall, knows “sit,” “lay down,” “come,” and is fairly consistent with “shake.” She is an incredibly smart girl with an amazing potential to learn all the tricks in the book—all it takes is a knowledgeable owner and some peanut butter! She needs a decent amount of physical and mental exercise to avoid any destructive behavior, but a nice, daily walk and an enrichment activity/puzzle afterward would fulfill her! She is an active girl who is sometimes prone to jumping when stimulated, so considerate children would be best. An owner with Husky or Shepherd experience would be great, but it is not necessary—Sable is an adaptable dog and would likely do well even with a first-time dog owner who does a bit of research prior to adoption. This stunning girl has unfortunately spent months in the shelter waiting for the right owner. Her perfect family is out there and they will be the luckiest people to add this spectacular girl into their family unit. 

8/8/2022 Volunteer Feedback: We had Sable over for the weekend to give her a break from the shelter. We truly love her! She immediately began playing with our dogs and didn’t really stop. Sable is a sweet pup and had an adventurous weekend. She likes going on runs, walks, and more than anything else, playing in water. We’ve never seen any husky mix ever roll in a kiddy pool the way she does. From our experience, she would not do well with another dominant female dog as she is also dominant. She rides in the pickup like a champ. She sits well, takes treats like a gentle lady and is pretty reliable when recalled. She also doesn’t mind being picked up and held for hugs. Sable really is an amazing dog. She is beautiful, funny, jubilant and full of love and energy. She was so happy with us and we know she is going to make whoever adopts her happy as well!

7/23/2022 Volunteer feedback: It is a joy to spend time with Sable! She does great on walks and loves to chase the bugs she finds in the grass. Today I took her on some errands with me, and she did great in the car. She enjoyed watching all the moving parts in the car wash. At Starbucks, she was excited to have a pup cup and see new people. At my home, she had lots of fun splashing in the puppy pool and chasing the water. When we were inside, she did a pretty good job entertaining herself with toys as long as she could check in with me every five minutes to show me her toy. Although, it's important to note this was after all of her other activities. Hence, she was not at her full energy potential. She would do well in a home with husky or shepherd experience, but it wouldn't be necessary. Sable does great when she can channel her energy into activities like walks, puzzles, playing with toys, and swimming. She is only nine months old and ready to learn as long as someone is willing to invest the time.

7/20/2022 Voluunteer Feedback: Sable was only six months old when she was abandoned and found herself in a local pound, alone and scared. No one claimed her so 4 Luv of Dog accepted her into the Rescue and she received veterinary care, including vaccinations and being spayed. Sable soon became the darling of the shelter volunteers...those striking blue eyes and smokey eye make-up make her drop-dead gorgeous, and her friendly nature and playfulness make her a joy to work with. No one had ever taught her good dog manners, so Sable was a bit of a wild child, to begin with. With the help and guidance of loving volunteers, her obedience and social skills have improved tremendously. She walks well on a leash and pretty consistently keeps her kennel clean at the shelter. It is breaking the hearts of shelter volunteers that she is still waiting for a full-time foster, or better yet, an adoptive home! She is playful, smart, and wonderful medium size at only 40 pounds. She is very high energy and if you have a resident dog who loves to play, she would love it. Otherwise, she will need active humans to provide that exercise. She is going to make a great addition to someone's life! Is it yours?  

7/16/2022 Volunteer Feedback: Sable has become my favorite lady at the shelter. I'm impressed by the progress I have seen this sweet girl make in the last few months with us. Sable was just a baby 6-month-old pup when she came to us; she is now 9 months old and becoming such a great dog. Sable has gone from being a hyper pup to a patient lady. She is always quietly waiting for me to get to her when I am letting out her and her friends at the shelter. She sits immediately on command. She loves to play 'find it' and practice her obedience class skills. She also loves just sitting with a human and being pet. Her fur is incredibly soft and she is so sweet. I was lucky enough to take Sable on a day adventure one day and she rode in the car like a dream and was a very respectful lady the whole time. 

Sable is still only a puppy, so she is still very playful and full of energy; which I think will always be a character trait of hers. But seeing the progress she's been able to make in a shelter really shows me how much she is truly capable of if only she could go to a home. Dogs make leaps and bounds of progress in being able to live with humans and be loved at all times. 
Sable would love and benefit from another high-energy dog to play with. She will also spend time napping and cuddling with her humans and furry mates. 

I know there is a family out there for her. They will be so lucky to get this beauty. 

7/7/2022 Building Volunteer Feedback: I've worked with Sable a few times and she's my favorite little drama queen. She is everything a husky should be: super smart, super energetic, and has her own ideas of how to run the show. She has the volunteers trained that she'll do as she's asked with the right motivation (treats). Since Sable first came to the shelter I've seen so many improvements in her obedience so I can only imagine how far she'll go with the right person!

7/7/2022 Building Volunteer Feedback: Sable is one of my favorite pups to walk and play with at the shelter. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is also a good walker. When I walk her, I always think Sable is going to be an overly energetic husky pup but she does great on a leash, checks in, and plays so good with other dogs.

5/18/2022 Foster Feedback: Sable is red-carpet ready with her striking blue eyes, black eye make-up, and soft-as-a-bunny fur coat! Her blue eyes are mesmerizing. And she has a twinkle of mischievousness in them! Such beautiful markings!   

Sable is very high energy and needs a family with lots of love, attention, activity, and patience. And maybe a playmate? A fenced-in yard would also be on her wish list. 

Sable is a typical ‘teenage’ dog. She is mouthy but is easily re-directable to chew on her toys and treats. She is still a little wary of visitors who come to our house. She will make a good guard dog!

Sable prefers to nap/sleep on the bedroom carpet next to our bed. We are working on getting her kennel trained for when we have to leave the house for a while. 

She is a good eater and is not protective of her food. We have been practicing walking without pulling. Treats help as she is very treat-motivated. She hasn’t been around a lot of dogs, but she is interested in our neighbor dogs and they ‘talk’ back and forth. I think she barks because she wants to get their (and my) attention. 

Sable would be so happy with an active, loving family!

5/18/2022 Building Volunteer Feedback: Sable is a typical Husky girl with gorgeous eyes and loads of puppy energy! She loves to play and be given attention - she is happy chasing a toy and hanging out on or next to you once she's tired. She would do well in a home that can keep her active and continue focusing on her training - she's still young and deserving of your time and guidance.

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