Sex: Female

ID Number: 6411

Breed: Cattle Dog / Border Collie / Mixed (short coat)

Age: 1 Year 7 Months (Birthdate: 4/25/2021)

Size: 38.8 lbs. (Medium)

Other: Spayed, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Housetrained: Yes

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

New People: Friendly

Dog Friendly: Yes

Cat Friendly: No

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Wendy
Size: ~Medium range: 26-60 lbs 
Adoption Donation:  $250 (applicable sales tax included).  Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other: Spayed Female, Vaccinations current, Microchip, NO cats or female dogs!


Wendy is a friendly girl looking for her forever family to be active with her and keep her busy!


Foster Home Feedback 

* Wendy's breed is a Hanging Tree Cowdog.

** NO Cats, Wendy does not get along with other female dogs!

1117/2022 Foster Feedback: Wendy has been doing great at the house. She loves to snuggle and lick before bed. Since the snow fell, Wendy loves to play outside and zoom around! One thing I have been working with her on her barking. I have been calling her name when she barks, telling her to sit, and then giving her a treat. Slowly but surely she’s getting there! Other than that, she’s a dream! She’s been to a couple of babysitter's houses. Wendy is definitely a people person and gets along with everyone. With dogs, she needs slow introductions but once they're past the initial greeting she always finds a new friend. She gets along best with dogs that are her size. She really likes to play with them so sometimes they get a little annoyed or overwhelmed. Her allergies seem to have gone away for the winter months, it must be just an issue during fall which was a simple fix. We’re excited about the holidays and looking forward to finding her furever home. 

9/19/2022 Foster Feedback:  I’ve had Wendy for over a month now. She amazes me everyday by her agility and brain, she is very smart. At nighttime she still likes to sleep with me, doesn’t seem to be too interested in her bed. I’ve realized she does better with hard plastic toys such as a ball or kong as soft toys are chewed up and we don’t want her choking. She’s met a few dogs of both genders and has done well with both. The other dogs will get a little overwhelmed with her as she gets very excited and likes to play A LOT. She also does well with all people including strangers. Wendy may still do better with older children as she jumps up when she’s excited however I no longer have any issues with her jumping up on my back. She is still a little picky with her food but peanut butter, cheese, and hotdogs mixed into her food always gets her to chow down. Getting better and better everyday I’m with her! It’s so fun to see her personality come out, she’s very funny and has a lot of personality! 

8/10/2022 Foster Feedback: I have had Wendy for about a week now and I can say she is by far the easiest dog I have taken care of! She is just over a year old and is an extremely intelligent, beautiful and active girl that is a great 38 pound medium size. She is potty trained, gives you cues when she wants to go out, and excels at walking on leash...right at your side, no pulling and she checks in often with you by sight. She quickly mastered commands of sit, down, shake, stay, come, wait and kennel. The sky is the limit on what this young dog could do in obedience, rally or agility training...she could probably be trained as a service animal as well.  Border Collies and Cattle Dogs are working dogs and need both physical and mental exercise, so her adopter will need to provide both daily.  Wendy LOVES to play tug of war and fetch, with balls, chew toys and stuffed animals being her favorite toys. A fenced yard she can run and play in would be ideal.  Wendy is kennel trained but not a big fan of being in it.  She's only been in a home setting for a week, so getting her to like her kennel is a work in progress. A peanut butter Kong helps her settle in. 

Wendy is both dog and people friendly, but herding dogs are usually best for families with older children.  She likes to jump up when she greets people and will try to give you a kiss, so that is another area that needs training.  She is so smart, I know she will master self control with patience and positive reinforcement training.  Wendy sleeps quietly in bed all night and waits until you're ready to get up in the morning...no whining or pawing at you to get up.   She is very affectionate and loves to sit above you on the couch and lay her head on your shoulder—which is the cutest thing ever! Wendy is just an amazing dog and I’m very excited for her to find her forever home!

7/30/2022 Volunteer Feedback: Wendy is such a smart, beautiful girl! At a young age, she is absolutely fabulous on a leash. She walks loose leash—almost in a heel (without a cue!)—and is attentive to her human walker. She looks back during her walks for engagement and is always happy to be rewarded for it! She is very gentle with treats, too. True to her partial Border Collie blood, Wendy is a little genius of a pup! She knows “sit,” “shake,” “down,” “come,” “stop,” and “wait,” but I am certain that, with time and guidance, she can learn all the tricks in the book! This beautiful girl does not like to stay still for too long! She would much rather prefer to learn some tricks, go on an adventure, or do a game of enrichment instead. She can become a little whiny if she wants attention, so an owner who can shower her in love and affection would be best. She has a natural instinct and amazing potential—I would not be surprised if she becomes a service dog or does competitions! This beautiful, soft black pup would do just as well in a “regular” home too! Her breed does require lots of exercise (both mental and physical), so an active owner who is willing to meet those requirements would do her wonderfully.

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