Sex: Male

ID Number: 6522

Breed: Spaniel / Mixed (short coat)

Age: 6 Months (Birthdate: 5/13/2022)

Size: 31.0 lbs. (Large)

Other: Neutered, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Housetrained: Yes

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

New People: Friendly

Dog Friendly: Yes

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Caesar
Size: (Once fully grown) ~Large range: 61-100 lbs 
Adoption Donation: $250 (applicable sales tax included) Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other:   Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip, NO apartments 


Caesar is a lovable guy looking for lots of treats in his new home.


Foster Home Feedback 

** NO apartments! 

11/30/2022 Foster Feedback: Caesar has a wish for Christmas, he hopes to find his forever home! He’s trying so hard to be a good boy so his which will come true. 

A few things his new family should know:

- Caesar loves to cuddle (he’s perfecting his lap dog trick).
- Caesar loves walks and sniffari’s, his nose was made to sniff it all.
- Caesar is house trained, and he will go to the door when he needs to go out.
- Caesar will let you know if there are any intruders or if your Christmas packages are being delivered, his ears work perfectly and are built soft, for petting.
- Caesar is dog friendly and loves to wrestle, chase, and play with other dogs. He takes a few moments to warm up, but once that’s over he’s usually found his new best friend. 
- Caesar knows how important sleep is, he sleeps through the night in his kennel quietly and loves a good nap with his people on the couch. His dog bed is good too if no people are in the mood for napping.
- Caesar knows sit, lay down (can hold for almost 3 seconds!), and is learning “leave it”. He is very treat motivated.
- Caesar is looking for a home that is active and willing to help him continue to learn to be the bestest puppy he can be. He’s learning to not jump, but gets sooo excited when his people come home.
- Caesar loves kids and enjoys a good cuddle and pets from little hands. 

If you’re looking for your new best furry friend to spend the holidays with and bring in the new year, make sure to put an app in for Caesar, you won’t be disappointed.

10/29/2022 Foster Feedback: Caesar is such a goof! The springer in him turns him into a kangaroo. He loves bouncing and chasing after leaves outside and he proudly carries them on our walks. I do need to stop him from sneaking them into the house, but at least he chooses pretty colors. We are working on bouncing and slamming into the resident dog on our walks, as this has been his new way to show his burst of energy. The resident dog ignores him when he does this, so we should be able to stop this new trend.

Caesar has learned sit and down. He does hold his down very briefly. But his sit is doing so good. He sits nicely for his food, although vocal. We have also been using sit to help him learn that he cannot jump on people to greet them. He loves attention and wants all the pets.  
Caesar is very puppy, so keeping plenty of puppy friendly chew toys is encouraged. He does like to find the kid toys that have been left out. 

Caesar’s manners while the people are eating are pretty good. He needs reminders to back up and leave people alone and to keep his paws off the counter. But he is very helpful at cleaning chairs once the kids have finished eating.

Caesar loves to chase our resident dog around the house and has been seen leaping off of the couch or bed. We may need to get him a cape. But he does calm down and enjoy his kong or chew bones and happily sleeps throughout the day while we work. He does get walks in the morning, afternoon and a quick evening walk. He hasn’t had an accident in almost 3 weeks and sleeps through the night. We have loved having him in our home and know he will be the bestest dog friend to somebody.

10/23/2022 Foster Feedback: Caesar is the poster dog for cuddle bug. This guy loves to cuddle. Naps? He is right there with you or on you, if allowed. Binge watching tv? Make sure to save space for your popcorn bowl on the side because he’s snoozing away in your lap. Do you like slow mornings watching the news, or cartoons? Caesar is right there hitting the snooze on his alarm. 

Caesar is loving being a dog/kangaroo. He’s been known to fly off the back of the couch when he thinks treats are coming. He loves playing and running with our dog, tug of war with a rope, or just sneaking in for a cuddle. He does forget sometimes that our cat does not enjoy playing and tries to chase him. But he is easily redirected and will leave him alone the majority of the time.

Caesar assumes that everyone on our walks wants to pet and talk to him, so we are working on focusing attention to the walker and not those passing by. We also have been doing so good at redirection when we come upon another dog, as Caesar will bark, especially if the other dog is barking back. We have found he is very treat motivated, loves praise, and a clicker have been great at helping to redirect and encourage him to be engaged with his walker.

Caesar is a typical puppy and loves to chase leaves on our walks, find the best stick, and sniff everything. He has not had an accident on almost 3 weeks, and will go to the door (quietly) when he needs to go out. We do take him out often as well. 

Caesar will sleep through the night and greet you with his Chewbacca call as he stretches and waits to go out in the morning. He will sit nicely for his food, but is not patient and tells you to hurry. 

Caesar is a such a smart puppy, and I know this long legged man will benefit from a loving family that is willing to teach him and helping him grow into his best self. 

10/8/2022 Foster Feedback:  Caesar is such a devoted and loving guy. He knows that he is the best cuddle buddy, and is always willing to sacrifice his time to cuddle with you. He is an excellent napper and sleeps through the night. He kennels well and will sleep through the night. After busy days we can find him napping either in his kennel, the cats bed, or cuddled up with one of the kids.  

Caesar has us nearly 98% potty trained. We go outside right away in the morning and after meals. During the day he can hold it anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the day (playful days with lots of water mean more potty breaks). He knows he gets treats for pottying outside and eagerly waits for them.  

Caesar loves toys, squeaky ones, chewy ones, ropes, shoes, kids stuffies. He’s learning that he can’t chew on all of them. He’ll need a home that knows he’s a puppy and can keep the non-dog toys up or watched and have plenty or pup friendly ones available.

Caesar loves walks and playing outside. He is cautious of new people/dogs, and has been known to bark at them to show how tough he is.  Once he realizes people are friendly he is super loving and wants all the pets and attention. We are working on not reacting with treats and a clicker, he does really well with this when we meet other dogs. He is dog friendly, but does like slow introductions to help him feel safe and comfortable.  

This soft (unbelievable soft) cuddle bug is such a goofball. He’s got some bounce to him, and the awkward puppy legs to make you laugh your day away. He have loved having him around and enjoying all the cuddles he has to give. He is looking for a family that is ready to help him grow into his best doggy-self!

9/17/2022 Foster Feedback: Caesar is doing good with potty training. We’ve had a couple of accidents if we wait too long to bring him out. Caesar is still learning to go to the door when he has to go. We initiate it and take him outside every 2-3 hours during the day, and after eating. Caesar walks well, but barks at other people/dogs. We are working on this and he is doing well with redirection with a clicker and treats.

Caesar gets along with our resident dog and plays nicely. He loooooves cuddling people. He is jumpy, but we are working on this. He is very treat motivated, eats very well, and loves his food. Caesar doesn’t chase our cat, and loves to lay with the kids.

Caesar sleeps well, but may need a bathroom break in the middle of the night. He does bark in his kennel but seems to be quiet and content for some of it with his kong and chews. He does quiet down at night when we tell him it’s nighttime. He will let you know when it’s time to wake up.

He has the softest ears and is a super cute, cuddly guy. Caesar is pretty sure he will make an excellent giant lap dog.

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