Fig Newton

Sex: Male

ID Number: 7045

Breed: Great Dane / Shepherd / Mixed (medium coat)

Age: 1 Year 1 Month (Birthdate: 1/26/2023)

Size: 90.0 lbs. (X-Large)

Other: Neutered, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Housetrained: Yes

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

New People: Friendly

Dog Friendly: Yes

Cat Friendly: No

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Fig Newton
Size: (Once fully grown) ~Large/XL range: 61-100+ lbs 
Adoption Donation: $250 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other: Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip, No Cats


Fig Newton is as sweet as a treat!


Foster Home Feedback 

** No Cats

02/06/2024 Foster Feedback: Fig Newton has been in our home for over 100 days now and has shown us through this time just how wonderful of a companion he can be! His future forever home is sure to be charmed by his goofy, happy personality and he’ll certainly keep the laughs coming every day. I just know that his perfect family is out there waiting for him!

The best way to describe Fig’s personality is….dopey. He is just the goofiest dog I’ve ever met and I hope I’ve captured just an ounce of his personality in the photos I share here for you! I have never been more entertained and kept on my toes by any other foster, he certainly brings character to each and every day.

As stated in my previous feedback, Fig LOVES other dogs. He’s been such an amazing helper to me as I have used him to test dog friendliness with new dogs entering the rescue and he’s welcomed many temporary dog friends into our home as well. Because he loves other dogs so much, he can get a bit overexcited, so his best matches have been other large, playful dogs who are on the same energy level as him! Sometimes he can annoy dogs who don’t want to play as much or barrel over smaller dogs. But, if you need a playmate for your medium/large dog, he is absolutely your guy!

Staying consistent for over 100 days, Fig is very well potty trained and always lets me know when he needs to go outside. Now, if he actually needs to go outside to go potty or he just wants to run around in the yard is a different question, but I can usually catch when he’s trying to fake me out just to go play outside. We have a four foot chain link fence and though he could easily jump it if he wanted to, he’s never even tried and he plays nicely with the dogs in their yards who border ours. 

He’s also continues to be a pro at kenneling! He happily snoozes in his kennel throughout the day while I’m at work and he sleeps in there at night without a peep. Once you get home and haven’t let him out yet, he’ll sing you the song of his people, but don’t let that fool you because he’s quiet and content all day long.

He LOVES people and we’ve now navigated tons of busy adoption events, going to pet-friendly places, being babysat by another family, and traveling with our family. He is a social butterfly who just wants the affection of everyone he meets. Now, it’s important to note that Fig is still a big, exuberant puppy (he’s still a little less than a year old). While his enthusiasm is endearing, he is working on refining his manners, particularly in curbing his tendency to jump up on people. This has gotten significantly better when out and about, but when friends come to the home we are still practicing having calm manners and not body slamming our guests, as I’m sure no one appreciates a giant puppy throwing their weight at them! He’s been learning quick though, now that I’ve enlisted the help of some people to practice with at home and I imagine it will soon be a problem of the past!

Speaking of learning, he continues to be an excellent study as we practice his training foundation. He knows ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Wait’ (and then ‘Free’ as his release cue), ‘Stay’, ‘Come’, and ‘Touch’. His recall is excellent and we’ve been very strongly working on our ‘Place’ cue which he has been getting the hang of. I’d love to see him thriving taking basic and intermediate training classes. I bet he’d even be a candidate to get his Canine Good Citizen Certification! The hardest thing we have to work on is learning how to relax and settle on our own, but this is common for young dogs and he’s getting the hang of it quickly.

In my past feedback you can see that Fig used to be a little scared of the big, busy world and I’m happy to report that this part of him has seen the biggest change! He can so confidently navigate most everything now and I can only seeing that continuing to improve. He’s no longer worried while we take walks and has started to LOVE them. While some random things do still spook him if he is surprised, he now quickly recovers and can confidently move on. I’m so proud of him!

Another area of improvement, much to our delight, has been his resource guarding! With my resident dogs who he lives with, his resource guarding is now almost nonexistent. I do still feed him separately in his kennel (which is just a part of the routine for him) and give him extra high value chews in his kennel, but we can have bones out for chewing on in our living room and he happily shares his toys and the water bowls with my dogs. When a new dog comes in to the house, he does need more space with these things, but I’m very happy to know that with a gradual introduction of resources once he’s been living with another dog that the management needed is very mild. I’d be happy to walk any family through all the steps I took to success.

This guy is amazing and has stolen the hearts of all the volunteers who meet him. 100 days is a long time without a forever home, I can only hope that someone out there who loves giant, dopey dogs reads his feedback here and falls in love with him!

11/30/2023 Foster Feedback: Fig Newton has been with our family for over a month now and he has come so far in that time!

This guy is Mr. Character — he has such a goofy and exuberant personality, you can’t miss him! He’s successfully navigated some busy adoption events and charmed everyone who has come up meet him! He’s all about kisses, belly rubs, and jumping when he’s not supposed to.

The world is still a little scary sometimes, but with his dog friends teaching him the ropes and reassurance from us, each day is better than the last. Fig traveled all the way down the cities with my family for the Thanksgiving holiday and he did so well with the longer car ride and being in a new, unfamiliar place! He’s also been on several outings with me to dog friendly places in town and has done amazing each time. Walks are the hardest thing for him, as he is nervous of cars going by quickly (we live near a busy road) and dogs barking in backyards. I always have my treats available to give him positive experiences seeing these things and he loves walking with one of the other dogs at my house.

Fig is working hard on training to learn his manners and have a good basic foundation of commands! He is a fast learner and is very treat motivated, so he is picking up on things quite quickly! He already knows ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, and ‘Come’. We’re currently practicing ‘Stay’, ‘Place’, ‘Leave It’, and our loose leash walking.

Fig’s resource guarding with our other dogs has gotten exceptionally better now that he’s had time to settle in and decompress after moving into our home. I imagine if he goes to a home with other dogs, he’ll need that time to adjust again, but it’s nice to know that changes will come. He still needs to eat separately and have bones/chews/Kongs separately — we give him these things in his crate and he doesn’t mind at all, he happily runs right in! But, he no longer is bothered by preparing food in the kitchen with the other dogs around or all the dogs getting treats for various things.

Fig is such a wonderful puppy and he is going to make a great companion to the family who adopts him! On his Christmas list this year is a forever home!’

11/07/2023 Foster Feedback: Oh! It seems you are looking to read some more about Fig Newton (lovingly referred to as Figgy at our house)! Hooray! Let me tell you about this huge heart of gold.

Fig Newton is a BIG puppy and he will likely have some more to grow. So right off my bat I want to make sure it’s clear that he is going to be a very big dog as an adult. If you are looking for a more medium sized dog, I would scroll on by! But if you love the big guys, then Fig Newton may be the one for you!

Being big and being a puppy means that he is not always aware of his size. He will jump when he is excited (it’s a work in progress) and is a bit of a freight train! So if you have young kids or smaller dogs at home, be aware that this guy may run them right over. Also, along with likely being a giant breed mix, there comes drool and barking! He’s not a quiet boy in general and we keep some drool rags handy.

Fig Newton is absolutely the sweetest boy. He is a complete lover, and is a very snuggly boy. Now, sometimes he tries to sneak some puppy nibbles in, but we are working on the art of relaxing with no nibbling required. He’s immediately friends with strangers and loves full body pats and rubs from everyone. We’re still working on the piece that we can’t always say hi to EVERYONE and shower them with kisses, because not everyone likes that, but he is getting the hang of it. He is so silly and goofy all the time, he is constantly making us laugh and bringing joy to our house.

Fig Newton also loves his doggy friends in the house! We have several other dogs — two resident dogs and then a second foster puppy! Our other foster puppy is his twin and around his similar age, Fig absolutely loves her. They romp and wrestle and play chase around the yard all day long. My resident dogs are tolerant of him, as he does have a bit of a in-your-face play style and for his size this could be a bit intimidating to certain dogs. He’s learning some appropriate play manners from them! He was a bit nervous of other dogs on his first day with us, and I have to wonder how many he had been exposed to previously. We are working towards the goal of continuing to positively socialize him with other dogs outside of our family as well. He does get excited to see other dogs on walks and can bark a bit, but he is very easy to redirect and train when out and about.

And the kennel? Fig Newton is a kenneling PRO! For his age I was pleasantly surprised that he loves his kennel and will quietly and happily kennel up when we are at work and for sleeping at night. He’s definitely still a puppy, so not at the level of being able to free roam without getting in to things he shouldn’t, so the kennel is an essential tool for us.

He does pull a little bit on walks, as he is so excited to get out and about, but he is very treat motivated and easy to train. He’d be an excellent candidate for any and all basic training, we’ve been working on his training foundation and he is getting the hang of everything so quickly! Something important we have been working on is our confidence building, as this guy definitely can be scared of a lot of things at first. I think it’s incredibly likely he didn’t get a lot of socialization as a younger puppy, so all of this busy Fargo life is new and scary to him. He’s come soooo far since the first day I brought him home and I have no doubt he will continue to grow towards being a well-rounded adult dog.

Now, Fig Newton does have resource guarding with other dogs. I don’t want this to be taken lightly, as it does require some management, but once that is in place it is obvious he can very successfully live in even a busy multi-dog home! He will resource guard food, treats, chews/bones, and sometimes the water bowl. He will happily share toys with other dogs and does not seem to have an issue with this, it’s all related around food. To manage this, Fig eats his meals in his kennel or in another room behind a baby gate (which again, he loves his kennel, and he excitedly runs in at mealtime). He also gets all chews and bones separately in his kennel or in another room behind a baby gate and we do not have these out for free access to the other dogs. For treats, we’ve been working on some training for this, as he can get sensitive if he is sitting next to another dog and both dogs are handed a treat. I’ll be able to go into this in depth if you choose to apply for him, but it has been very successful so far! I still use caution, but there has been a lot of progress. We also gate off our kitchen where our food and water bowls are kept so he does not have free access to these things and we can make sure we are there to supervise or have him in that space separately. It sounds like a LOT, I know, but trust me it gets so easy once the routine is in place!

This guy is so special. I know he has some specific quirks, that will take a certain person or family to manage and love him anyways. I am so happy to be a part of his journey towards becoming this wonderful companion for someone amazing and can not wait to see how he grows up with all the love and guidance he deserves. Please consider applying and meeting Fig Newton! Until then, I’ll soak up all the snuggles I can.

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