Sex: Male

ID Number: 7080

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat)

Age: 2 Years 3 Months (Birthdate: 11/15/2021)

Size: 44.0 lbs. (Medium)

Other: Neutered, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Housetrained: Yes

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

New People: Friendly

Dog Friendly: Yes

Cat Friendly: No

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Quiggly
Size: Medium range: 26-60 lbs 
Adoption Donation: $250 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other: Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip, No Cats 


Quiggly is a very friendly and excited boy


Foster Home Feedback 


1/30/24 Foster Feedback: Quig might take the cake for the friendliest foster I've ever had. He's never met a human, child, or dog he hasn't loved! We are continuing to work on his manners as he prefers to greet everyone with a hug and kiss. He isn't a fan of being in his kennel but can tolerate it for a period of time. A larger gated off area would be best for him if he is to be left home alone for hours or more. He loves chewing up stuffy toys, licking frozen peanut butter Kongs dry, and will find other things to chew on (that he shouldn't) if left unattended to free roam for too long. 

He is treat/food motivated and tends to eat very fast. Using a slow feed bowl or a muffin tin has helped him to slow down at meal time. 
I have never once heard Quigs bark for any reason! He is an average passenger in the car, typically having to sniff every corner until he settles in for a backseat nap.  
Quiggly was recently assessed at Wags Stay'N'Play for doggy day care attendance and passed with flying colors! He made so many dog friends and won over the staff with his personality! Wags can't wait to have him back! 
Quigs sleeps through the night and loves being in bed with his human -- we have coined him as 'velcro dog'. 
He is the happiest and loving rescue pup waiting to meet his furrrever family! He would best fit in a home with space for him to play, a fenced yard to keep him safe, and all the love he could possibly get from humans! 

1/22/24 Temporary Care Feedback: Quiggly spent a long weekend with us at our home and we discovered it is *literally* impossible to have a bad day when you’re with Quiggly. He is HILARIOUS and derpy and awkward, can go from 0 to 60 in a millisecond and then back down to zero - an amazing mixture of active and chill. He loves dogs and wants nothing more than to play. He LOVES people even more and will do anything to please you. Given this he is SUPER trainable since all he wants to do is please and he’s highly treat motivated. While he was with us we worked on not jumping up and not counter surfing and in just a few days he got so much better! He had zero accidents (even with this cold weather!), he kenneled beautifully at night and slept soundly without making a single peep. We worked on him being ok with us leaving the house while he was kenneled and that’s really the only time we heard this sweet boy bark.
Quiggly loved our dog but our dog unfortunately didn’t want to play like he did and Quiggly struggled to pick up on these cues so a dog who is equally matched in exuberance would be the best fit for him (Quiggly responded VERY well when being corrected by my dog, his little brain just forgot after a few minutes and would try to play with him again). Quiggly unfortunately didn’t pass the cat test at our house though so shouldn’t go to a home with kitties.
This amazing boy is literally down for ANYTHING and is a great “come with” guy. He will ride great in the car for you and will be happy to do anything as long as he’s with his family. Please consider adding Quiggly to your family, he will reward you with endless laughter and happy memories.

1/10/24 Foster Feedback: Quiggly has been in my home now for about a week and we have learned that all this guy wants is to be with his people and has so much love to give.  Quiggly is potty trained and still working on kennel training. He would do better in a home where he can be let out during the day for potty breaks. For now, he wouldn't be able to hold if for a 8-9 hour work day. He loves to go for walks and for the most part is a great walker, he will pull a little bit if he gets excited. He loves to play and will get his spurts of energy and then he is ready to chill with you and relax.  He loves people and doesn't know the meaning of personal space. They way he looks at you with so much love, will melt your heart. He needs to learn some manners, like not jumping or counter surfing but will some time and training, this guy will be an amazing dog and family member. 

12/27/23 Temporary Care Feedback: I brought quiggly to my house for a kennel break and here's how he did!  He rode calmly and quietly in the car.  He did explore my house, he didn't know how to go down the steps but slid down when I sat by him. He sniffed the litter box but didn't get into it. He didn't know what to do with my cat, wasn't aggressive but I read fear of the unknown, unclear what he would do with one that ran from him. He loved chewing on bones, getting pets or brushed. He got on furniture briefly after invited but didn't stay. He helped pack up my car like a champ and ignored all wrapped Christmas presents.

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