Sex: Female

ID Number: 7130

Breed: Australian Shepherd / Mixed (medium coat)

Age: 7 Years 9 Months (Birthdate: 9/13/2016)

Size: 21.2 lbs. (Small)

Other: Spayed, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Petunia
Size: ~Small, range: Up to 25 lbs 
Adoption Donation: $250 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other: Spayed Female, Vaccinations current, Microchip 


Petunia is ready for her forever home!


Foster Home Feedback 

6/13/24 Foster Feedback: Petunia has been making great progress since my last feedback. We have been working with our behavior team and she is able to take treats from them and let them pet her! She loves/wants attention but is very cautious about it. She is staying out longer for people who come over. She likes to admire what is happening from the top of the stairs. She has started taking more baby steps to hang out with me in the living room on her own accord.

The pictures do not show her true beauty! She is so beautiful and it’s hard not to fall in love with her. She is definitely camera shy and not very photogenic. I would also like to mention that she is the perfect size for any family. She’s not too big or small, but just perfect! Now she is starting to eat while I’m in the same room as her but I have to do something or she will wait until I leave. Her bathroom and leash habits are the same from the previous feedback. Having a fenced-in yard is still a must for her. Petunia still feels the same about children and dogs as said before. She prefers dogs that will give her space, and for children to do the same. She is not one to play with other dogs and wants them to have boundaries. Puppies and young dogs that don’t have boundaries are not a good fit for Petunia. She hasn’t been aggressive to dogs or children, but will give a warning growl. She continues to be brave and is making progress everyday. She will definitely bring the sunshine for her furever family!

6/9/24 Temporary Care Feedback: I have had the wonderful opportunity to watch Petunia twice while her foster has been away. She is the sweetest girl. She loves to get attention but she doesn’t have a lot of trust. When she first got to my home, she liked to have a hiding place. She was given a nice big crate in my living room that I covered with blankets. As she got used to me, she would thump her tail. I took these opportunities to lower myself to her and allow a slow introduction. Very quickly she showed me that she loves belly rubs and ear scratches. Petunia is a very lovable girl and she is looking for the person or family that can give her a trusting home. I have 2 resident dogs and 1 cat. She absolutely had no issues with any of them. One of my pups is a puppy and I don’t feel she would engage in play with him but she has no aggression towards them. The second time Petunia stayed with me, she definitely remembered me and was much quicker to approach me for attention. Petunia has a lot of love to give to a very special family.

4/7/24 Foster Feedback: Let me tell you about all of the great things that Petunia has overcome since being with me. Petunia came from a hoarding situation that where they seized 17 dogs in total. Her living situation was not ideal for any animal to live in, but it does sound like the owners did love them. When she first came to me, she was so shut down and scared. She cowered by the front door for at least a day before she wandered around my house. She was sheltered before and didn’t know how to trust people. Petunia wasn’t used to being on a leash, going to the bathroom outside, laying on a bed/couch, having all the food for her, and accepting pets from people. After the first couple days, she discovered how comfortable the couch and bed were. You can tell that she had no idea what she was on but all she knew was that it felt nice. She didn’t leave the couch for a week after that unless I picked her up to use the bathroom. 

Petunia has been in my care for almost 2 months now and I can tell you she’s a different dog. She’s about 95% potty trained. She knows to go to the bathroom outside but still has accidents while I’m at work. However, she is puppy pad trained. She is still learning what a leash is. Until she learns a leash is not something to be scared of, she needs to have a fenced in yard. Due to her being so shut down, I haven’t tried to see how she would do in a kennel yet. She does great at free roaming besides the accidents on the puppy pads. She normally just moves around the couch while I’m gone. When she feels lonely she will howl. It doesn’t last long but I would say no apartments because of it. She  is still very scared and is learning to trust people. She doesn’t like to eat when you are around her food unless she’s really hungry. She will wait until you are out of the room before she goes to eat. Petunia is becoming more brave and showing her beautiful self to people. When people came over before, she would immediately go hide in my room, but now she will watch from afar. Eventually, she will go hide but she’s staying out longer for people to see her. Petunia is dog and cat friendly. I like to put it as Petunia has done her time taking care of younger dogs and now she deserves to be the center of attention. However, if you do have a dog, Petunia would prefer one that leaves her alone. She is not one to play with other dogs and wants them to have boundaries. Puppies and young dogs that don’t have boundaries are not a good fit for Petunia. She feels the same way about kids. She doesn’t like small kids that won’t give her space, but has never been aggressive.

Here’s a snapshot of what Petunia likes:



-comfy beds

-rolling around in the snow

Petunia’s dislikes:

-new places

-her leash

-waking up in the morning

-not giving her enough space

Ultimately, Petunia needs someone to be patient with her while she learns to trust people. Petunia will jump up and down with joy whenever you get up. If this is something you need in your life, look no further!

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