Sex: Female

ID Number: 7198

Breed: Saint Bernard (long coat)

Age: 3 Years (Birthdate: 7/9/2021)

Size: 141.0 lbs. (X-Large)

Other: Spayed, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Housetrained: Yes

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

New People: Friendly

Dog Friendly: Yes

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Summit
Size: ~Extra Large range: 101+ lbs 
Adoption Donation: $250 (applicable sales tax included) Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other: Spayed Female, Vaccinations current, Microchip


Summit is a gorgeous St. Bernard looking for a loving family and plenty of snuggles.

* Summit is deaf and we are working with her to learn some hand signal commands. These websites are useful: or    Also:   ~A website for people with deaf dogs and those considering adopting them. It has general training tips. 


Foster Home Feedback 

06/15/2024 Foster Feedback: Summit has made leaps and bounds in her walking abilities! She excelled during a pack walk with two other dogs, who she has met before, and displayed no signs of overexcitement at the sight of other dogs. She continues to excel at reading cues from dogs and responds to their energy well. She has learned the “touch” cue and responds decently to the handler’s directions. There was minimal pulling, even at the sight of other barking dogs, and she was able to redirect well. An attentive handler, who can anticipate her reactions and how to respond, would have little to no issue when handling Summit. She has also been working on kenneling and separation anxiety. I am so proud of the progress this love bug has made during her time with her foster! She is such a sweetheart and I cannot wait to see her get a forever family of her own.

04/28/2024 Foster Feedback:  Summit did wonderful meeting Tucker (a 4 year old male) and Tilly (a 1 year old female) today! The initial intros were a bit vocal/rowdy, but Summit settles after getting that out of her system. She warmed up to Tucker almost instantly, walked beautifully alongside him, and took treats with no issue. It took longer with Tilly (who is reactive/aggressive), partially since Tilly did not allow Summit to smell her, but they were able to settle in the same space after 20-30 minutes. Again, not Summit’s fault, but she was able to read Tilly’s cues and back off. Naturally, the intro with another female took longer, but I would not explicitly say she cannot be with another female dog. 

She did not care when Tucker played fetch or for the various toys laid out. Tilly would show her teeth when Summit got too close, and she would instinctively back off. Summit is vocal and barked to initiate play, but Tilly was unresponsive (Tucker didn’t mind it). Again, she backed off when Tilly displayed that she didn’t want to interact. No issues when doing parallel walks with either dogs.
Summit is not in any way dog aggressive, just a bit “in your face” during intros. 

04/17/2024 Foster Feedback: Summit has been my sidekick now for nearly five wonderful weeks. She continues to radiate joy and puppy earnestness. The separation anxiety has significantly improved, though we still (enjoyably) do every single activity together. But instead of being underfoot, she has increased the physical proximity to ensuring she can watch my comings and goings from an advantageous resting spot - and that is progress! At the sight of her bologna-filled Kong, she eagerly heads to her kennel and awaits her prize, which has made outings much less guilt-filled.
Since the last update, we have been attending training classes to help Summit nail down the basics. The biggest challenge thus far has been her undeterrable focus on meeting any and all four-legged creatures in her vicinity. Even bologna has been unable to grab her attention in these moments. Her 141 pounds (yes, 141 pounds!) of unfettered excitement has been less appealing to potential dog friends. Because Summit is deaf, she has been unable to get the social cues of other dogs during social interactions. And thus, if her future home has other pups it would be best if those pups are patient and can peer-shape/mentor her so she can learn better pup manners.
Her list of strengths is long as she continues to be non-destructive, loving towards any human she meets, and almost accident-free (though I really blame myself for the one blemish on her otherwise accident-free record). Her current favorite activities include staring out windows to watch for anything that moves, and showering affection on any and all people. She even spent a weekend with an infant and proved she can both love and be gentle. In a few instances, we have even been able to get her to play with us and have even gotten her to play tug-of-war! She is an incredible dog that would add spunk, love, and humor to any adopter's home.

Foster Feedback 3/29/24: Summit has been with me for two weeks, and she fits a big personality into her big body. So far she loves everyone, and she lets you know - whether that is finding an unsuspecting lap to lay on, or insisting your free hand pets her, or staring at you lovingly from her napping spot - she warms up to everyone pretty quickly. Her loved ones are always in her eyesight, and much of her current exercise consists of following her loved ones from room-to-room. Her separation anxiety has improved each day as she gets comfortable with new faces and surroundings. She would LOVE a stay-at-home family member or dog-friendly work environment for her to be able to tag along to. She has made great strides in crate training as some cost-effective zip ties and a bologna-filled Kong toy have kept this escape artist from successfully completing her escape trick. She is vocal when she is home alone, so a place without shared walls would be the best fit for her.

Summit is learning better leash manners, as her size and excitement for walks often leaves her pulling her walker along. With her hearing impairment, it can be difficult to get her attention on these walks. She will need a physically strong leader for walks. She gets very excited about seeing other dogs, and with her size, excitability, and loud bark, other dogs seem less excited about seeing her so we are working on slow introductions with other dogs so this can be a positive experience for both pups. I have not seen her with cats nor kids yet, but understand she lived with and loved her elementary-school human in her last home.

Summit has had no accidents at my house, nor has she been destructive of any item except for her bologna-filled Kong, I have been unable to entice her with other toys or chewing bones. She knows how to sit with a visual command, and she shows an aptitude to pick up on other visual command cues as well. She loves sticking her head out of an open car window, and she is getting better at calmly taking in the scenery during car rides rather than insisting on being a physical and vocal co-pilot (which mainly occurs when she spots another dog out on a walk).

Summit has filled these last two weeks with so much joy that it will be bittersweet to see her find her forever home.

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