Foster Testimonial – Allison

We started fostering 3 years ago when we were looking to add a new dog to our home. We’ve fostered over 17 dogs now, including chihuahua puppies, pittie mixes, shepherd mixes, and a maltese. We ended up falling in love and adopting our 2nd foster. She is the sweetest pittie mix and fits in perfectly with our family.  We probably wouldn’t have met Indy if it wasn’t for fostering her because I know I would have overlooked her on the website!

There are so many benefits to fostering! Fostering can literally save the life of a dog in need and it’s completely FREE! All the food, supplies, medical costs, etc. are covered by the rescue. They are also able to find a sitter for your foster if you have a trip or something planned. We will often dogsit for other fosters during times when we aren’t able to commit to having our own foster full-time.

People often say they could never foster because they’d want to keep all the dogs and it would be too hard to let them go. And yes, sometimes it can be hard to let them go, but it is also so rewarding to send them off with their new, happy family to their forever home! And before you know it, there is another dog in need of a foster home just waiting to replace the one that just left.