Foster Testimonial – Amy

One day in January, 4 Luv asked for someone who was willing to foster some puppies who had been found outside in subzero temperatures without their momma. I volunteered, and I took home two little fluffballs who turned out to be only 4 weeks old. Fostering them for the next several weeks was so much fun. I got to see them toddle around and learn to walk, and then to run, to climb stairs and to wrestle and play. They grew from just an itty bitty 3 pounds to a whole 12 pounds, and my own dog got to be their big brother and to teach them all about how to be a dog. I was also very popular with friends and neighbors, who all wanted to come over to play with the puppies! They went to the most wonderful, loving families who still send me pictures of them as they grow up. Each fostering experience with 4 Luv has been wonderful, and it makes it easier to say goodbye when I see how happy and excited their new families are and how loved they will be. I got to be a part of that!