Foster Testimonial – Lindsey

I’ve always known that I wanted to be able to foster dogs. As soon as I purchased a house last August, the first thing that I wanted to do was apply to be a foster. Well, I’m such a dog-lover that my husband was concerned that I would want to “foster-fail” on every single dog… so it took five months to finally convince him to let me take the leap into fostering.

Since January 2021, I have been fostering through 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, and the experience has been absolutely wonderful and SO rewarding! I have fostered 5 dogs with the organization and plan to foster many, many more. Each of the dogs come from different backgrounds with different experiences and it’s very fun to watch their personalities blossom as they are placed into a safe & loving home.

Fostering is one of the best decisions of my life, and I could not recommend it enough. Even if you think you’re too much of a dog-lover to foster … trust me, ALL of us in the organization are major dog-lovers, but it makes it easier seeing the lives saved during the process. 🙂