Foster Testimonial – Natalie

There are so many wonderful reasons to foster. We choose to foster for the opportunity to play a small role in a dog’s journey to their “Happy Ever After”. We foster dogs to bring them into our home and watch them learn to dog, to jump on the couch, to chew bones, to run around the back yard chasing a ball, to just see them learn to trust and grow and do normal dog things. We love meeting different a breeds of dogs that we may have never had an opportunity to meet. It keeps our own dogs socialized. Fostering even brought us all three of the dogs that are permanent residents of our house now!

Why we choose to foster for 4 Luv of Dog Rescue specifically is not only is it free, because the rescue covers all expenses including vetting, food, crates, toys, and any other supplies you may need. They also help you find a foster that fits in with your lifestyle and family. But most importantly they also say yes to dogs when many other places say no.  4 Luv takes chances on dogs regardless of their age, breed, or medical condition. And it is amazing to get to be a part of that.  Please consider opening your home to foster a dog in need.