Happy Tail for Aspen!

Happy Tail for Aspen!


 Aspen arrived from the reservation on one of the “res runs” we did. She was tiny, limping and the only one of her litter, estimated at around 6 weeks old. She was our first dog foster as we had previously failed with our first cat foster.

Aspen was just a delight from day one. She adored my oldest border collie Smoochie and loved to curl up next to her. She also adored Disco, my other border collie and wanted to be his best friend.

My husband was home with her during this time of the year, so after Aspen’s wellness visit and I told him she was going to get posted, he said she’s pretty perfect and we adopted her. She has brought so much fun and laughter to our family. She gets our border collie Disco playing and they are the best of friends. She adores him and looks for him everywhere, and has brought a playful side of him out that didn’t’ exist before. She loves our two cats and always checks on them, licks them and chases the playful one. They have quite the bond and can often be found sleeping on the spare bedroom bed together in the sun. This girl finds only the most comfortable and luxurious sleeping places, and is often the subject of many iPhone pictures. I couldn’t imagine life without Aspen in our family.