Happy Tail for Buddy (Tater)

Happy Tail for Buddy (Tater)

Hi Everyone! My name is Buddy, but it used to be Tater. I am a fun-loving, typical black lab. I have lived with my forever family for almost a whole year now, and it’s been the greatest! I first met my mom and dad at PetSmart. It was my very first day with my 4 Luv of Dog foster family. In less than a week I was in my new forever home!!!

My favorite things are morning cuddles, dinnertime, and walks, but the best thing of all is my chuck-it!!! I live to chase tennis balls. My mom and dad say I am a world-class fetcher! I also really enjoy fishing and swimming. I’ve been fishing in a boat and ice fishing. Pretty cool!

Thank you so much, 4 Luv of Dog, for helping me meet my family.

Love, Buddy