Happy Tail for Chachi!

A black and white dog looks up at the camera.

Happy Tail for Chachi!

Tues. Feb. 15, 2022
We got a new member of the family yesterday!❤
This is “Chachi” a Beagle/Border Collie mix 🐶.
He was born on Dec.1, 2021. (Yes it was a short night!) He came from the rescue 4 Luv of Dog.
Time to take on new adventures and make new memories! (And potty train 😉!)

Tues. Feb. 15, 2022
This being a puppy is tough work…
My 1st day with my new humans went pretty good. They said “good boy” alot, especially when I went potty on that little blue pad by the front door. They got really excited when I went outside! I bet we went outside 500 times!
I got to scare the barn cats, boy did they run! And I met the goats. That’s what they called them. Not sure about them yet. I asked mom to pick me up, they seemed nice but made me a little nervous
(I think this is gonna work out 🐶)

Wed. Feb. 16, 2022
I’m not sure who today was harder on, me or my new humans!
We got up early (5ish ), and had time to play, eat and go potty before they had to leave.
I spent what seemed like forever in my kennel. When they came back, I could tell they felt bad, cuz mom came rushing in and outside we went.
I was so happy to see them I COULDN’T pee! When we went INSIDE, I had to poop.
Mom went to grab me and STEPPED in it !
She said a word I’ve never heard and was walking kinda funny with one slipper on.
In my excitement I tripped over my water bowl which went splashing all over! (Dad was nice enough to clean that up.)
Finally as I was gnawing on my new chew toy (feels good on puppy teeth)
I heard them talk about doggy daycare, sleep and puppy energy. We went outside about a 1/2 million times too.
They keep calling me a good boy and telling me how cute I am!
I was just glad to sit in their laps and have them pet me! I missed them!
I’d say today was harder on my new humans. They just need a little more training ❤

Thurs. Feb. 17, 2022
My humans stayed home ALL day!
I got to go with dad to see the goats, and check out the pole barn.
I went in my kennel ALL by myself and rested. (According to my humans this was a really big deal)!
We took a goat (Honda) over to our friends for a sleep over. They said I might stay there if my humans go away, so they want me to get to know them.
Dad and I took a nap while mom went to town and stocked up on puppy pads, more chewy toys, a harness for walking and some groceries for a blizzard (whatever that is).
I was so relaxed I stretched out on the floor for a little snooze.
It was a good day 🐶❤