Happy Tail for Chance (FKA Banjo #765)

I was just looking through the adopted dogs and found “Banjo #765”, I adopted him back in 2011, he has been renamed to Chance (by my daughter as she felt he got a second chance at life) and the little guy is still going strong. He used to love “eating” my daughters flip flops….lol….he has given up that habit. He is currently the oldest in our household but you would never know it, he still runs, plays and acts like a puppy!! People even ask how old my puppy is, especially after he has had a grooming. He moved from the apartment with me to a house with a huge backyard that he loves to patrol. He did have to have leg surgery about 6 years ago but he has healed very well from it you would never know he had his leg fixed, something with his kneecap displacing. He has started to get a bit more grumpy with age but he is still a lovable dog. Just thought it would be fun to give you an update on one of your adopted dogs and let you know he is still going strong.

  • Colette Erdmann