Happy Tail for Daisy!

Happy Tail for Daisy!

Hey there, I’m Daisy (formerly Darla) and I was adopted about 1.5 years ago.  After I decided my new mom was OK I settled in right away. My new brother Tank, a dachshund, helped me figure out what apartment living was all about. For example, you have to smell every doorway you walk past.  Every time, no exceptions. I quickly claimed the back of the couch as my spot.  I just love looking out the window – I could do it all day!  Mom made me a cushion for the window ledge so I can sit right in the window if I want to (and I do!) I love love love going for walks!  100 above or 30 below – I don’t care – I’m walking!  I’m lucky our apartment is a 10 minute walk from a neat lake – right in the city, convenient!  When I first saw fish in it last summer I made a squealing noise that startled everyone around. Mom started laughing so hard I thought she was going to fall in the lake.    I also love soft toys now – I wasn’t so sure at first, but when I made one squeak that was a game changer. I tend to throw them over my head and lose track of where they go, so mom spends a bunch of time retrieving them for me; she sometimes mumbles that it’s supposed to be me retrieving them for her, but I don’t know what she’s talking about – this system works fine for me.

The only thing I still don’t care for is being touched by strangers – I like to decide if I’m ready for some pets. This has been a little difficult – mom calls me a people magnet. I’ve got a neat bandana now that says I’m shy, and mom is quick about scooping me out of the way of grabby hands.
Sadly, my brother Tank passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. I thought for sure mom had left him outside by accident. I sat in the window and looked for him for 3 days straight. I even took my food to the window so I could keep looking for him.   It was rough for awhile but I’m back to my sassy self.  Mom says if I’m good maybe I can get a sibling for Christmas!  We’ll see!
My foster mom, Karen, loved me a bunch so I hope she sees this and knows that I am well loved!