Happy Tail for Dudley (FKA Ahoy)

In May 2022, after a brief struggle with cancer, our family bid a sad and loving farewell to Gatsby, who had the same name when he was adopted from 4 Luv of Dog in April of 2017. He had been a delightful cornerstone of our family for many years and through many adventures; we knew it would take time to heal and wait for the right time and the right dog to wander into our lives. As it turned out, a few weeks later, Ahoy was waiting for a home like ours. 

We had a wonderful visit at the shelter with enthusiastic cuddles, doggy kisses, and the most intense, whole-body happy pittie wiggles you can imagine. We took a pause to grab a pint at Junkyard and “deliberate” whether it was the right time to take in a new dog, but really, there wasn’t much to discuss; he was too perfect a match to pass up, so we rushed back to the shelter before they closed.

On the way home, we needed to stop for supplies at Natural Pet Center, where he was immediately recognized and greeted by a shelter volunteer who had connected with him during their walks. He’s quite the popular extrovert, always making friends wherever he goes! He helped us pick out a few treats, was a perfect gentleman and lap companion on the drive home, and quickly settled in after the necessary zoomies around his big backyard full of sticks to play with and neighbor dogs with whom to socialize through the fence (loudly, back and forth, until everyone is happily exhausted; we’ve accepted that the grass along the fence will never regrow, and the muddy paws are totally worth it).

Newly dubbed Dudley, he quickly bonded with the family. His personality and energy brought so much life and warmth back into the home, and the past year and a half with him has been amazing! He gets along fabulously with the kids and their co-parents’ dogs, and has even managed to keep his abundant exuberance in careful check, when visiting a home with a cat. He is brilliant, a happy little kitchen gremlin, expert floor cleaner, gives the best couch snuggles, encroaches his way across the entire bed every night, and has the Fastest Tongue in the West – no face will escape unkissed! This family wouldn’t be the same, without him. We love him so very much, and are so grateful to 4 Luv of Dog Rescue for the opportunity to be his forever family.

  • Ethan H