Happy Tail for Gus!

Happy Tail for Gus!

CaptureWe adopted Phinneas in July of 2017, just after we had gotten back from a week long vacation out west. He’d been through a couple different foster families and didn’t always fit in.

I fell in love with him on sight, but my boyfriend wasn’t too sure about our new family member. We decided to rename him “Gus,” as we felt that fit him a bit better than his former name.Desktop

After a few months (and a couple escapes), neither of us thought we could love him any more. But the more our family grows, the bigger our hearts grow as well. In April we got a puppy and Gus has proved to be the BEST big brother our little girl, Echo, could ask for.

They aren’t always the quietest or the most polite, but we love them both so much. We are so lucky to have been able to adopt Mr. Gus. Our life would not be the same without him. He brings us so much joy and comfort.