Happy Tail for Hershey!

Happy Tail for Hershey!

h1My partner Jake and I had been looking for a second dog, but wanted to wait until we moved from Pennsylvania and were settled in Minnesota before increasing our family.  I was researching dog adoption places in the Fargo area, and when I found 4 Luv of Dogs, we were so excited.  After a month and half of searching through the available dogs, we saw Hershey’s picture pop up on Facebook.  My partner said, “I like his name; it reminds me of home.”  (We lived near Hershey, Pennsylvania.)  

We officially adopted six-month old Hershey in September of last year, and are super thankful we did.  Hershey is friendly and plays with our shih-tzu Lucy Q. Story, who was our impetus for adopting a second dog.  


Normally we crate-train, but because Hershey was kept in a crate constantly with his first family (he had rubbed off the top part of his skin/fur from his nose from being cooped up so much — thankfully, it’s healed), we now want to ease him into the crate training process.  Presently, he feels safe enough to eat and play with his chew toys in his crate, and that’s fine with us!  

Hershey loves loves loves his sister Lucy.  He is super cuddly and loves burrowing (I’ve included a picture of his burrowed self) under blankets.  Hershey is also my running buddy, and has improved my pace by over a minute!  Jake and I are so pleased with the 4 Luv of Dogs adoption process, that we plan on adopting another dog within the next three years. 

​Thank you so much for your kindness and patience, and finding these amazing pups good homes.​


Sally Story and Jake​ Shade