Happy Tail for Johnny!

Happy Tail for Johnny!

I have been wanting a dog for years but knew I wanted to wait until I had a home of my own and a yard for my furry friend to play in. Well, this spring my home dream came true and I must admit one of the biggest perks I was most looking forward to with being a homeowner was being able to adopt a dog. 🙂

I began the search through several rescue sites and when I viewed Johnny’s profile I instantly fell in love. His long face, perky ears, and big puppy eyes won me over. I knew I wanted a medium to big size dog and I had always loved Pitbull mixes so he seemed like the perfect match!

When I showed his profile to my boyfriend, Bret, he had deja vu. Coincidentally, Bret met Johnny at PetSmart during one of the “Meet the Pets” weekend events a couple months ago. He remembered how well-tempered and relaxed he was and wanted him as well. So, the adoption process began. 

When we finally got to pick him up from his foster, we learned he was living with a lovely Great Dane. I was nervous Johnny was going to suffer some anxiety transitioning to our home with him being the sole dog, but once we got him home he started playing with his toys and acted perfectly comfortable with our home. He cuddled up on our bed that night and has been a cuddle bug with both of us ever since.

He is very well trained and so lovable – yet is a good watch dog. When I am home at night by myself I have no worries of any intruders with Johnny keeping watch. He loves being my shadow as I move throughout the home to see what I’m up to and is always by my side. 

And although he may seem tough, he has such a soft heart. Once I introduce him to a new visitor, he wags his whole body with excitement. If the visitor decides to rub his belly Johnny instantly loves them. 

I am so happy to have found Johnny. He has made us so happy and is a great companion. My boyfriend and I couldn’t ask for a better dog. 🙂

Thank you 4 Luv of Dog and his foster for bringing Johnny into our lives!