Happy Tail for Kona!

Happy Tail for Kona!


 We have had our pup for over 7 months now, so I wanted to share our story:

Kona (formerly Kit):

My husband wanted a dog and finally convinced me.  We knew if we got a dog, we wanted to get a rescue one.  We applied late in July at 4Luv, and we met Kona shortly after.  She is two years old, a lab mix, and such a sweet girl.  A few days later, we ended up keeping her when 4Luv brought her for the home visit.  We did have to rename her since our cat is also named Kit.  Kona was a great fit for our family right away.  She is energetic, yet sweet and cuddly at the same time.  She gets a little over excited when we come across other dogs, which we are working on.  I am so glad we got Kona, and can’t imagine not having her.  My 7 year old daughter tells me often that Kona is her best friend.  She has been a lot of fun for our family, and we look forward to having her here for several years!  I would tell those applying at 4Luv to not get discouraged if they don’t get the first animal they are interested in.  We had a couple before Kona we wanted to meet, but they already were in the adoption process.  I realize now, we ended up with the dog we were meant to have.