Happy Tail for Luna (FKA Blissy)

Happy Tails are what the rescue likes to call successful adoptions stories! Read part of Luna’s (FKA) Blissy) below:

Our family of 3 adopted Luna (FKA Blissy) on Dec 22, 2023, just 1 week ago.  She is a 7 month old German Shepard.  The decision to add another dog to our lives was completely “off the table” since our beloved dog Salsa died last summer.  I didn’t ever want to feel that sad again.  2023 continued to be filled with losses, including our mother, aunt and brother.  Then in November I had a heart attack.  After such a tough year, I found myself scrolling through websites to look at the dogs available for adoption even though we had decided against it. Over the next few weeks we had a change of heart, went through the adoption process and made the decision to adopt Luna.  We knew she had a traumatic background but decided she was the one for us.  For the first few days she refused to eat or drink, and for the 1st week would not allow us to touch or come near her.  She spent all of her time crouched as far back in the kennel as she could and would shake in fear.  

Despite her fears, she started to make progress. We tried different food and she started eating, gave her plenty of space and rewarded her for any steps she took to connect with us.  She started bravely coming out of her kennel and exploring the apartment, quickly retreating if we made any eye contact or movement toward her.  

My birthday was yesterday, 12/29 and I told my family that my birthday wish was for Luna to let me pet her. The day passed with no sign of this happening, but she surprised me just 2 hours before the end of the day.  Out of no where, she jumped on the bed and sprawled all over me, using her paws to grab my hand and put it on her head to pet her.   My birthday wish came true!  

I know it’s only been a week, but she’s already stolen my heart.  Dogs are so therapeutic for people, and I only hope I can give her back as much as she’s already given me.  Thanks to 4luvofdog for the opportunity to have Luna in my life.

  • Nicole L