Happy Tail for Lunch!

Happy Tail for Lunch!


After foster-failing THREE TIMES (equalling 4 dogs) I thought that for the sake of my family, I should probably stop fostering.  Then I went to meet a transport full out pound dogs from Bismarck.  First off of the transport came a basset/chihuahua/freak of nature puppy, then came a screaming coonhound puppy, and the last bundle of ‘joy’ to come out of the truck was a tiny Chihuahua puppy that had bitten BOTH transporters before getting to Fargo.  Fantastic.

I figured my dog Peter would love the Coonhound pup, so begged my husband to let me take her home.  After scanning the three dogs, he pointed to the tiny Vampire/Chihuahua cross, who was at that point hiding behind a bush barking and snarling, and said “Let’s take that one”.  Figuring that I should follow my own advice and foster a breed I would never in a million years want to adopt (less chance of keeping them that way) we took her home. 

Sixteen hours later, the Vampire had 3 sweaters, my two sons wrapped around her teeny tiny toe, 2 new collars and a nametag… with my phone number on it.  Not to mention a new name.  And thus, Lunch joined our already insane household.  Compared to the rest of my dogs, she’s snack-sized. 

Lunch loves my boys, adores my husband, and keeps my tootsies warm at night.  She keeps my old man dog Oscar young and drives the rest of the dogs nutters with ALWAYS.  WANTING.  TO PLAY.  And thankfully, she’s kept her teeth to herself since she’s been a part of our family.  

Thank you 4 Luv of Dog for our newest family member!

Amy, Jason, Keaton, Grady, Dharma, Peter, Lucky, Oscar & Lunch