Happy Tail for Marney

Marney’s adoption story is one of absolute love and learning how much someone or something means to you after you have to let them go. Marney was my foster dog for 2 weeks. Some complications with my landlord arose and I was forced to give up her and fostering for what I thought would be awhile. Dropping her off was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. My heart was shattered and I cried more times than I can remember over saying goodbye to her. She was my dream dog and she made me feel complete. My parents notes my love and bond with her and were just as heartbroken to see me hurting the way I was. With their support I was able to get things with my landlord resolved within a few days and I knew I couldn’t let Marney slip through my fingers again. I was going to bring her home for good. No more bouncing around places, no more uncertainty, and no more kennels. She was going to be mine forever. While we have some separation anxiety to work through, she and I are currently living our best lives. I can’t 4 Luv of Dog Rescue enough for allowing me to be a foster for the short amount of time I was and bringing Marney into my life. She truly is my other half.