Happy Tail for Mazy (FKA Marceline)

Just so that you know, Marceline now Mazy is home, she has her forever home with us. We could not be happier. She does have a few issues that we are going to be working on, but I would not trade her for anything. Thank you so much, below is her happy tail. 

“You heard it, I have my forever home. Yes my name has changed but I answer to it very well. I have a play friend that comes every week and we get the zoomies together and go for walks when my mommy gets home from work. On the weekends I get two walks. Mommy did have to get ice shoes since I tend to pull really hard when rabbits and squirrels run where I can see them. I want to chase and mommy will not let me.  Mommy laughs and calls me cute every time that I start to hop on my hind legs to copy the rabbits. She doesn’t know what else to do when I do it. 

My boy and I are working on not chasing as he will screech and run sometimes. I know that he is trying to teach me stuff too. He uses shoo shoo and I am learning that means that I need to go away from him. Not sure that is my name he is trying to say but is sure does sound like it so I know he is talking to me. 

My girl likes to lay on the floor beside me and give me all sorts of bell scratches and I love the heck out of those. I think mommy caught her the couple of times that I got to have some of my girl’s food. 

Mommy is teaching me to stay out of the kitchen. I try really hard but I know when she goes in that there is a chance that I might get a treat. I get popcorn sometimes when it falls and I also like to have it as a treat but mommy won’t let me have the bag. I really like the weekend as mommy gets the coffee going and then we sit in her chair together and watch the news. I get lots of pets and hugs and love. It is just her and me so I get all the attention and I love that a lot. Thank you for helping me to have my forever home.”

Happy Tails to you. 

  • Chrissy A