Happy Tail for Norm (FKA Nermal)!

We’re a week in with Norm and couldn’t be happier. We were going to wait until spring to adopt but could not help ourselves when we saw Norm, or as he was called then, Nermal, highlighted on the Moorhead Police Facebook page. My husband’s family has always had black labs so we have a special place in our hearts for the breed and Norm’s mix with Newfoundland endeared him to us even more – he really is gigantic (110 lbs).

The family was fostering him at their farmstead outside Hillsboro and were so gracious with letting us meet him and then keeping him for the week while we got our house ready to welcome him. Their kids had changed Nermal’s name to Norman and we kept it, or a version of it – Norm!, like the character in Cheers – seeing how well he was responding to it. We learned so much from them about what he likes and what he’s like so we were ready with all the right toys and beds for him when he came home with us on Friday the 13th, which we now consider our luckiest day.

He is obsessed with his green ball and loves playing fetch in the backyard and at the dog park. He likes to “sneak” up on the beds and couches but we usually let him and he is really good at warming my feet up by basically sitting on them when I’m on the couch. =) He is wonderful with our 8-year-old Ike who is an only child so very glad to have a “brother” and partner in crime in the house. I’ve only ever had rescue dogs and Norm is further proving that it’s the best and only way to go. He is a gentle giant and we’re so grateful he’s joined our family.