Happy Tail for Peter

Happy Tail for Peter

Mr. Peter Will is the laziest puppy I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with. We adopted him when he was 3 months old, and we were convinced he was either narcoleptic or terminally ill for the first few weeks. One of the volunteers at 4 Luv Of Dog told us that we should thank our lucky stars ’cause we were “Blessed by the Bully Gods”. You don’t often see a lazy pittie pup. Peter’s still a good napper, but is considerably more energetic than when he was a pup. Peter loves to play with his sister Dharma, and he tries his best to get Lucky to play. He’s been successful a few times, but Lucky’s a good napper too 🙂

Peter is everyone’s favorite dog. He likes to cuddle with the kids, play tug and go on bike rides with my husband, and he sneaks up on the bed at night to sleep with me. He’s my dog Dharma’s best friend. Whether eating, sleeping or digging a hole to China in the backyard, they are always together.

Peter’s gentle demeanor has changed a more than a few people’s minds about Pitbulls. We love to bring him everywhere we can so we can show people what Pitbulls are really all about. Even my husbands aunt, who said she was scared to death of him, was caught cuddling with Peter at the last family barbeque. My mother in law said she never thought she’d have a pitbull as a grandson, and now when she comes over he gets hugs before anyone else! Peter makes all of us laugh every single day, whether it be because he fell asleep with his head hanging off the couch, scaled the baby gate between the kitchen and living room to snag that piece of pepperoni that fell off one of the kid’s pizza, or finding him staring puzzled at a ray of sunlight shining on the harwood floor.

Peter has been nothing but an absolute joy, and we are so thankful to Kitra, Kish, and 4 Luv Of Dog Rescue for saving him and bringing him into our lives. Thanks Again!

~Jason, Amy, Keaton and Grady