Happy Tail for Pippa

It’s so hard to write down how much someone means to you. I saw your photo online and just knew that we were meant to be together, that we needed each other. I remember when I met you, you were so so tiny! I couldn’t believe it. You just pranced around the farm so carefree. So much space! You were glowing. And I got to keep you, that very day; it felt so surreal.

My mom came over to meet you and you loved her. You were like “let’s go home, you’ll be my mom now”. I was like wait a minute here! You’d always go next door to see her. I’d find you on her porch or even inside, right on the couch. Everyone that met you couldn’t help but love you. I could never wrap my head around how someone gave you up. My heart would absolutely shatter without you…and it has.

You were made for life on the farm. You got to follow that nose and you followed it everywhere! I’d be sick looking for where you took off to. I’d search and search. Sometimes I’d find you in the woods where you had a cat treed or sometimes in the pasture, laying next to a cow, a large cow. I would say “just back away from the cow, come on girl!” and you’d look at me like “what?! we’re the same, see, we even have the same colors”.

Your heart was so big. You never chased those cats with bad intentions, the minute one of them trusted you enough to let you near, you were snuggling. And oh how you loved your toys. You’d never leave the house without trying to bring one with you! And you didn’t destroy them, you wanted to keep them always. Whenever I’d go rummaging in the summer, I’d buy all the nicest stuff animals I could find, to surprise you with. You would try to gather them all in your mouth at one time. I’d find them piled up in a corner somewhere, just in case your brother wanted to play with them too; you’d share your bed but to share a toy was asking a little too much!

Part of my intention when adopting you, was so Basil, would have a companion. I was gone all the time with work and school. I wanted someone to keep him company. He didn’t generally like anyone but me. But, you grew on him quickly and you guys brought out the best in each other. You were so understanding and calm. You didn’t let his grumpiness rattle you. Soon, I’d find you had climbed into the same kennel beside him. That was an amazing feat! You’d spin circles enticing him to play. You’d go on so many adventures together in the surrounding woods, tracking things, alerting each other to a new and exciting scent. He’d get you to howl, I don’t know if you were taught that it was bad, but you didn’t spontaneously do it…and he would start and get so passionate that he would draw it out of you. He taught you how to knock on the door when you needed to go potty and knock once again when you were ready to be let in. He taught you that car rides were a thing to look forward to. It was so special to see you guys grow. I often picture you guys together now, reunited; so young, vibrant, and just happy again.

I’ve sat down to write this “happy tail” so many times, because you truly made my life so much better and I’ll forever be thankful for you. I’d also like to thank 4 Luv of Dog Rescue for bringing us together. You were a special and kind soul and I’ll fill the hole you left in my heart with all the memories I made with you, memories that I’ll forever cherish.

In loving memory of Philippa “Pippa” Jane McArthur

(Also known as Pip, Pipper, and Pippapotamus)