Happy Tail for Radar/Clairvoyance (FKA Claire)!

I got Radar/Clairvoyance (formerly known as Claire) a little over a week ago and boy does she have a big personality for such a small dog! She’s also got some massive ears! I think she could hear the worms underground if she tried. She fits in perfectly with my other dog, as they are both about the same age, so they have about the same energy level. They run around until they get cold, then come instead and nest up on the couch with a tasty bone. Radar loves to sleep under the covers at night and is certainly not a morning dog! I don’t blame her since I am not a morning person either. Thank you to 4 Luv of Dog Rescue for taking such good care of her until she could come into my life. I can’t wait to spoil both of my dogs for the rest of their lives.