Happy Tail for Sammy

Happy Tail for Sammy

My husband and I adopted Sammy a year ago this past December. When we first brought home he was a very scared dog, not even being able to play with the dog toys we bought him. Through the months he began to realize that we are his forever home and not at all like whatever he was exposed to in the past. We took him to obedience training and got all the way to novice (yay Sammy!) and also began therapy dog training.

Sammy is a very lively dog and loves playing with his toys and his humans. He is a very sweet dog as well, cuddling with anyone that will have him! He loves giving kisses and playing fetch. He is the most himself when both “mom” and “dad” are with him and does have a habit of looking out the
window for our cars!

The pictures we have sent in are Sammy this past Christmas as well as Sammy at the lake (the fish really intrigued him!). We really love Sammy and are so happy that he has found his forever home and has blossomed over the past year. Thank you so much!

~~ Katie