Happy Tail for Steve!

Happy Tail for Steve!

We have had Steve since February and he has very quickly become center of our family.  I can’t imagine how anyone didn’t adopt him sooner.  I am guessing it was fate that brought him to us.  He has been quite a large help to me right away as I was suffering from medical issues at the time we adopted, and he was wonderful when I would have a hard time getting up from the floor, he was strong enough to help me up by being my crutch and always was willing to give a lick when I was down. 

He was a bit playful for what we were used to, when he got here, and the rat and the cat didn’t exactly enjoy that, but our roommates’ dog was excited to have a new friend!  Now we are living in harmony (most of the time) and loves most he comes in contact with.  I have even caught him and the cat playing together! 

Grandma and Grandpa have even taken quite a liking to him and vice versa.  His love for them started when he came in at Easter and Grandma started feeding him right away, so he may be biased.  He had to travel 3 hours to see them and he travels wonderfully so this was most likely a wonderful welcome for him.

We have also found he is wonderful at waking us up before our alarm and though that habit is still not 100% lovable at 5:30am, we will never sleep in and it is great to wake up to his smile.  He also comforts us to bed with his snoring every night.  I can’t help but smile as I close my eyes to go to sleep.  He is quite vocal about most things and we have added his middle name of Chewbacca due to the noise he makes and the fact he responded well to it.  We had to keep his name as Steve because he just looks like a Steve to us!

He can catch anything thrown in the air (food and toys) and always knows when it is time for T-R-E-A-T-S (yes, we do have to spell it out or he will know….)!  My favorite is when we say “car ride” and he starts to run in place with his big smile and his tail wagging.  He loves going anywhere and any drive through window is sure to comment on how handsome he is (sometimes he even talks back).  He went on his first trip to the pet store (where he was recognized by someone) and did wonderfully so I couldn’t ask for more!  It was definitely a special mom and son day! 

I couldn’t imagine a better dog.  He isn’t perfect, but he keeps us on our feet and keeps us laughing too, so for our family, he is perfect!

I have to thank everyone at 4 Luv of Dog for the wonderful dog he turned out to be and the wonderful care he received!