Happy Tail for Toby (FKA Declan)

We adopted Toby, who came to us named Declan, at the end of January and he quickly stole our hearts! He was very skittish at first, especially around men and kids, which caused him to have some “piddle” accidents, but we’ve been working on that and have made a LOT of progress! Toby does not like to be left out of the action, so he learned how to open doors at home within our first week of having him. While we were really impressed with his intelligence, it’s led to more locked doors so there’s not an escape! If Toby can’t get out to where the action is, he sometimes gets a little mischievous and chews up tissues or toilet paper if he can get his paws on them. After many talks with him about being a good boy, he’s working on that, but sometimes just can’t help himself!

Toby loves playing with doggy friends, all toys that squeak, play fighting with dad, chewing on yak cheese sticks, going for runs on gravel roads, his blankets, cuddling with mom, and exploring outside in his kingdom (aka our farm). He aspires to someday catch a rabbit, squirrel, or other little critter, but he’s really not as stealthy or speedy as he thinks he is.

Toby is not a fan of inclement weather when having to go potty – snow, cold, rain, etc., baths after he’s been playing in the dirt, mud, or rolling in something unknown but VERY stinky, being left alone, and the vacuum cleaner. He’s also not always understanding of why mom can’t play all day since she’s home, even though she’s explained she has to work to pay for all his treats and toys.

Some milestones since we’ve had Toby include celebrating his 1st birthday with some treats and a mini cake, having eye surgery for cherry eye (we think he played too hard with a doggy friend), and becoming the absolutely best dog in the world! We’re so happy to have Toby and forever appreciative to 4 Luv of Dog for introducing him to us!