Happy Tail for Zeke (Bill)

Happy Tail for Zeke (Bill)

I thought I’d send you our blizzard picture. Zeke (left, formerly known as Bill) is feeling better, but I’m not sure he knows yet that he is home for good. He had a tough time staying out long enough this weekend to do his business, but he didn’t mess in the house. Over the last week, he was been able to hold his urine all day while we were at work and he has never pooped in the house!

This morning he actually stood in between Stella and Too for “treats” (actually a vitamin). And when my sister’s dog came over for a few hours Satruday night, he and Zeke got along very well.

Anyway, we love him a lot and enjoy seeing him come out of his shell a little at a time (we just wish he’d hurry – no kisses yet). Thank you for letting us adopt him. Merry Christmas!

~~Karen and Wayne