Happy Tail for Zeus!

Happy Tail for Zeus!

We adopted Zeus over a year ago, but I’m just now getting around to his Happy Tail, and a very happy tale it’s been!

Zeus has become an irreplaceable part of our little family. He greets everyone with hugs and kisses, from relatives to the cable man. People always comment on his good looks, and how can you not?! From the first moment I first saw him, I’ve thought he was the most gorgeous dog ever.

Zeus has had a few accidents, but nothing major. His biggest downfall is his appetite for toilet paper! We have to keep the bathroom door tightly closed, or he’ll eat an entire roll. No joke.

Without Zeus, our lives would be so different. He loves unconditionally, giving hugs when we’re sad and kisses when we’re mad. Anyone who says pitties are mean hasn’t met Zeus, our little lover. Thank you, 4 Luv of Dog, for taking Zeus in and allowing us to adopt him. We love our Zeusiepoo!